Data protection - easily explainedNew working material available on the subject of data protection

The "Data Privacy - Easily Explained" project is expanding its offering in cooperation with klicksafe. Newly available are worksheets that complement 18 short video clips on topics such as data privacy and information security. The new brochure includes a total of eleven worksheets with work instructions and sample solutions. The worksheets can also be downloaded individually for direct processing on the computer. In this way, the topics can be prepared for the classroom in an easily accessible way.

The videos and associated worksheets are available for free download at All videos are available in two different resolutions. Each video has subtitles for barrier-free use.

→ The worksheets can also be ordered as a printed brochure in the klicksafe material system.

About the "Data protection - easily explained" initiative

"Data Privacy - Explained Easily" is a project of the "Data Privacy Goes to School" initiative. "Data Protection Goes to School" was founded in 2009 by the Professional Association of Data Protection Officers in Germany (BvD) e.V.. Since 2020, the initiative has been continued by the non-profit company privacy4people. "Data Protection Goes to School" shows students simple ways to better protect their personal data. Without having to do without modern forms of communication. To this end, the initiative has developed awareness presentations for lower and upper secondary schools and vocational schools. They offer students clear and simple rules of conduct for more security online.