Growing up well with media: New brochure "Online dabei - aber sicher!

Giving children and young people orientation in the digital world

The digital world opens up many opportunities and possibilities for young people - especially during the Corona pandemic. They can stay in touch with their friends via messenger services and social media, and online learning opportunities are currently supplementing or replacing classroom instruction at schools. Social media is  partly but also risky everyday life for children and young people. The comprehensive brochure provides parents and teachers with information and tips from experts on how to protect adolescents in the digital world and teach media skills.

The ONLINE DABEI - SAFE poster presents easy-to-understand tips for safe behavior online. There are also two stickers for the whole family: the individual password key for creating secure passwords and a webcam sticker for protecting digital cameras.

The brochure "Growing up well with media" has been produced for 20 years by on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. It offers basic knowledge and practical help and is available free of charge atüre.

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