New brochure on digital violence

Tips and help for affected women and young people

What can I do if false allegations and insults are circulating in social networks, nude photos appear on the Internet or, even worse, a rape is filmed and broadcast live on the Net? Answers to questions like these are provided by two new publications from the counseling center FrauennotrufFrankfurt.

In the brochure for adults, the various forms of violence on the Internet are described in great detail and explained in legal terms. The flyer on the subject of digital violence is aimed at young people aged 12 and over and presents the various manifestations of digital violence. It provides information about possible consequences under criminal and civil law and points out sources of information and offers of help.

For each manifestation, tips on prevention and initial options for action in the event of an attack are also provided. The flyer and brochure are available for download from the counseling center's website at In addition, it is planned to send the information to schools and counseling centers.

Today, new cell phone technologies, multimedia apps and social media platforms make it easy to post private image and sound material, defamation or hate comments to the world in a matter of seconds, to reproduce them and thus to perpetrate digital violence.

The flyer and the brochure of the counseling center provide support in dealing with digital attacks and threats.

"In recent years, women have increasingly reported digital attacks or threats. Digital violence is not a trivial offense; it often conceals criminal acts. Depending on the situation, we provide immediate assistance," explains Angela Wagner from the counseling center Frauennotruf Frankfurt. "Contrary to popular belief 'the net never forgets,' victims of cyber violence can very well defend themselves against attacks. Young perpetrators are usually unaware of the scope of their actions and the possible consequences. With the update of the information material, together with the Women's Department of the City of Frankfurt, we are therefore doing valuable educational work in the direction of both the victims and the perpetrators."

"With the rapidly advancing digitalization of our everyday lives, new forms of digital violence are emerging ever faster. Intimate footage shared on social networks can quickly be used for acts of revenge. Unfortunately, few know how to protect themselves or take action against digital violence. With the new edition of the brochures, we want to inform girls and women in particular and encourage prevention," says Rosemarie Heilig, Frankfurt's Head of Women's Affairs.


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