New database for children's media

The database offers orientation in the selection of children's apps and child-friendly websites

Toddlers and elementary school children are increasingly using their parents' smartphones and tablets to play. This gives them access to the Internet with a wide range of children's websites, learning and gaming apps. To give professionals and parents an overview of the existing range of quality-checked apps and children's websites, the initiative office "Growing up well with media" has set up the "Children's media" database. The database contains recommendations on age-appropriate offerings and pedagogical assessments. 

"We want to actively support professionals, parents and volunteers in their educational work in the digital age," says Adrian Liebig, project manager of the Gutes Aufwachsen mit Medien initiative office. "The Initiativbüro's database for children's media is a practical tool that brings together children's apps and children's websites for the first time, making it easy and fast to search for high-quality and age-appropriate children's media." 

The children's media database is being implemented with the support of various partners. The German Youth Institute contributes more than 500 app reviews from its "Apps for Children" database, which are suitable for children aged three to eleven. The children's websites are certified by the Erfurt Netcode, Klick-Tipps or bibernetz initiatives. They have been checked to ensure they are up to date and include practical tips for educational staff and parents. 

At this year's didacta education fair, interested parties will have the opportunity to try out the database for themselves and to talk to partners of the initiative, experts and makers of children's sites. To this end, children's apps and websites will be presented at the "Growing up well with media" booth (No. 5C12) from February 14-18, 2017 in Stuttgart. 


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