Put an end to spam callsHow to block unknown numbers on WhatsApp

Shock calls, supposed sweepstakes or the alleged new number of one's own child - time and again we read headlines about scams on WhatsApp. To counteract this and exclude unknown numbers, the app has recently offered a new function, which we present here.

WhatsApp has offered the option to mute calls from unknown numbers since June 2023. With this feature, WhatsApp wants to offer more privacy and control over incoming calls. When the setting is activated, the phone no longer rings when an unknown number calls. By automatically rejecting them, you are less likely to come into contact with spam or scam calls. Nevertheless, all calls are stored in the call log, so seamless tracing is possible.

Calls from unknown persons can be muted by going to the settings after opening WhatsApp. There you will find the keyword "Calls" in the "Privacy" section. One click further, you can activate the function "Mute calls from unknown".

Quickly check privacy option

Anyone who is unsure whether WhatsApp is set securely can now check this more easily. Above the privacy settings, WhatsApp offers a highlighted message to guide you through the app's various security options. With a click on "Start check", you can see the most important settings and adjust them.

Protect the privacy of children and young people

It is especially important for the youngest users to set WhatsApp to be safe. Even though the messenger is actually only allowed to be used by young people over the age of 16, the reality is quite different: The current KIM Study 2022 shows that WhatsApp is the second most popular Internet activity among children between the ages of six and 13. More than half of the children use WhatsApp almost every day.

It is important to set up the settings so that "no one" or only "my contacts" can see the last online status, profile picture, info and status. In addition, you should select that only your own contacts are allowed to contact you.