Digital WellbeingNew digital wellbeing materials available

Always be up to date, don't miss a thing - our lives are increasingly taking place online. The pull of digital offers is getting stronger and stronger and it is becoming more difficult - especially for young people - to consciously switch off. With our new poster "10 tips for digital well-being" and the accompanying poster to fill out yourself, you can help young people find their balance between online and offline activities.

Our new poster on digital well-being gives young people 10 helpful tips on how to increase their digital well-being. Hung up e.g. in the classroom, PC room or at home, everyone keeps the tips well in sight. The poster is now available for order at klicksafe.

What ideas do young people have for improving their digital wellbeing? On the self-completion version, you can collect your own tips. The poster can be used in combination with our worksheet 4 "Digital Wellbeing - How we can take digital time out and use social media in a self-determined way" from the teaching material Ommm online can be used. You can download and print out the self-completion poster free of charge.

You will also find a lot of information and tips on the topic in our "Digital Wellbeing" section.