klicksafe podcastNew episode: klicksafe asks... "Are we losing our children online?"

Children and young people are confronted directly and without being asked with violence, pornography or racism via their smartphones. In the book "Wir verlieren unsere Kinder!" ("We're losing our children!"), school principal Silke Müller reports in detail on her experiences with this problem. Together with her and Birgit Kimmel, head of the EU initiative klicksafe, we ask in our podcast "Are we losing our children online?" and how can we react pedagogically to online dangers?

An explicit castration video, Hitler memes, depictions of child abuse - these are just a few examples of what the author and principal Silke Müller reports in her much-discussed book "Wir verlieren unsere Kinder! Even children of elementary school age are confronted with such punishable and youth-endangering content, for example via the class chat. They are sometimes under great pressure to watch such content, even if they don't want to - because everyone has seen "it".

In our new podcast episode "klicksafe asks..." we talk in detail with Silke Müller and klicksafe director Birgit Kimmel about the book and online dangers on the net. What effect does content harmful to minors have on adolescents? And what changes are needed in the area of media education and school pedagogy to counter such content?

Listen now to "klicksafe asks... Are we losing our children online?