New teaching unit: Challenges - All just fun???

Who can say "Chubby Bunny" with marshmallows in their mouth? Who can stand not laughing the longest? There are new challenges on YouTube and TikTok almost every day. These are not always harmless and funny, some can be dangerous. Our new klicksafe teaching unit offers educational professionals suggestions for working on the topic of challenges with children and young people.

Online challenges are not only entertaining for children and young people to watch, they also invite them to participate. While many challenges on YouTube and TikTok are primarily fun, there are also always dangerous trends. Some challenges are inspired by popular movies and series, such as the Bird Box Challenge. Based on the Netflix movie "Bird Box," participants have to master everyday situations blindfolded. On the one hand, this can be fun, but on the other, it can lead to accidents. Currently, the successful Netflix series "Squid Game" is particularly popular. There, children's games are a central part of the plot and can now also be found on social networks in the form of challenges.

Our teaching unit "Challenges - All in good fun?" offers educational professionals ideas for working on the topic of challenges with children and young people. For example, they can use an exercise to assess different challenges to discuss problematic aspects of such games with students.

Download: Teaching unit - Challenges - All in good fun???

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