New flyer: Digital games in everyday family life

Computer games, video games and game apps - in short, digital games - are popular and sought-after by many children and young people. But how can excessive gaming be countered? How can we avoid cost traps? And how can we agree on rules for usage times? The newly published flyer provides parents with tips for responsible media education.

Fortnite, Brawl Stars, Star Wars: Battlefront - even parents who aren't interested in digital games themselves are now familiar with these names. Video games are a hot topic of conversation in the schoolyard and a popular pastime among children's friends. Parents should therefore take a closer look at digital leisure interests, the constantly changing content and technology in order to be able to accompany their children in a meaningful way.

Completely revised and with a new design, the 9th edition of the flyer Digital Games in Everyday Family Life - Tips for Parents has now been published. The flyer was created in cooperation with the Spielatgeber-NRW and offers nine tips for parents who want to accompany and support their offspring in dealing with digital games. You can now order or download the flyer from klicksafe.

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