AI & AlgorithmsNew klicksafe topic area on artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI for short) is an exciting and fast-growing technology. It is already influencing our lives in many ways. Artificial intelligence is in the voice assistant in our living room. The streaming service uses AI to suggest suitable movies and series. And the navigation system in our cars calculates the best way to avoid the next traffic jam while we're still driving. To understand how all this works, we explain the basics in our new topic area: What is an algorithm? What is machine learning? And what types of AI are there?

In addition to the general information on how artificial intelligence works, the subpages of the topic area offer further insights into more specific areas of AI. Currently on everyone's lips is above all the generative AI. These are systems that can create texts, images, videos and music or speech. We explain what generative AI can already do and how it works. We also look at how AI can be used in schools can be used in schools. On this page, you will find klicksafe materials on the topic as well as a selection of recommended offers from other organizations. On two further subpages, we shed light on the challenges facing the youth media protection and which risks AI systems can bring with them.