New klicksafe quiz for young people

Topic "Hate Speech - Hatred on the Net

Hate speech, hatred and discrimination are becoming more and more widespread on the Internet - especially in social networks, forums and comment columns. The term "hate speech" has also become established in German usage for this phenomenon. But how can hate speech be recognized and what can be done about it?

With the new online quiz "Hate Speech - Hass im Netz", klicksafe is targeting young people. The quiz teaches young people about the phenomenon of "hate speech" in a playful way. In addition, young people receive valuable tips on how to react appropriately to hate comments on the Internet. The quiz and other klicksafe quizzes on topics such as data protection, computer games or cell phones and apps can be found here. The quiz requires Adobe Flash to be installed.

The new quiz is a supplement to the brochure "Hate Speech - Hass im Netz. Information for Professionals and Parents" by LfM and AJS NRW. This is aimed primarily at professionals and parents and provides concrete tips for (media education) work with young people. The brochure can be downloaded and ordered free of charge from the LfM website


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