NEW: #fitfordemocracy - democracy promotion and media literacy

Attacks on our democracy are increasingly taking place in social networks, messenger groups and Internet forums. Our new teaching material #fitfordemocracy addresses this issue and aims to get young people fit! At various stations - in analogy to a real gym - topics and situations are addressed that young people encounter in analog and digital life. Through creativity and wit, the aim is to convey joy in democracy and community. The new material, suitable for this year's Safer Internet Day, can now be ordered or downloaded from klicksafe.

Fake news, conspiracy theories and disinformation campaigns make one thing very clear: our democratic achievements cannot be taken for granted. & nbsp;They must be cherished and protected. Today, such attacks on our democracy largely take place in social networks and forums on the Internet. The Internet is the place where children and young people can come into contact with this. At the same time, it is also the place where democracy and participation can be actively lived. This includes taking part in online discussions and voting, creating and signing online petitions, planning and supporting online campaigns and much more.

The call for more political education in schools and youth work and the desire for young people to get involved in shaping our society are constantly being voiced. "Civic education," however, seems like an unwieldy term to many young people.

Therefore, the idea of a "political gym" was born with #fitfordemocracy, which is carried out in the style of a classic station operation. In five training stations from five topics on democracy learning, students learn how democracy and media literacy are connected. The teaching material is suitable for use in grades 8 and up and was developed in cooperation with

Safer Internet Day 2022 - Fit for Democracy, Strong for Society!

SID 2022 will take place on February 8 and the motto in Germany is "Fit for democracy, strong for society". A good occasion to use our new teaching material. If you work with the new klicksafe teaching material on the occasion of the SID, we will be happy to show your commitment on our website. Simply register your action using our registration form. An overview of all SID activities registered so far can be found here.

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