Center for Trusted Artificial IntelligenceNew knowledge quiz: What is AI?

Not least since the publication of the text program ChatGPT, the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) has fascinated many users. Since then, one increasingly stumbles over technical terms such as algorithms, machine learning or neural networks. What these terms mean exactly and how AI actually works is not entirely clear to many of us. And that can also fuel fears and concerns about the new technology. That's why the Center for Trusted Artificial Intelligence (ZVKI) has published a quiz that allows you to test and expand your knowledge on the topic of AI.

The entertaining AI quiz consists of six questions. The questions deal with topics such as the connection between algorithms and artificial intelligence or when artificial intelligence was first mentioned. In addition to an evaluation of the answers, participants are also given explanations of the questions. This means that they are not left at a loss if they are not right with their answers.

The website also offers a comprehensive knowledge section in which frequently asked questions are answered. This also includes a glossary with explanations of terms from the artificial intelligence cosmos.

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About the Center for Trusted Artificial Intelligence (ZVKI).

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