Offline challenge by teens for teens

On Monday evening there was a world without Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for several hours. How about consciously going offline for a change? In the peer-to-peer youth campaign of klicksafe and Nummer gegen Kummer, young people give suggestions. We offer the offline challenge with small tasks for each day as a PDF for download.

We spend the majority of our daily lives online. Many people are not aware of how often they click into online services every day. At the same time, many young people report that being online all the time causes them stress. Together with klicksafe and Nummer gegen Kummer, young people have therefore developed a 7-day challenge with conscious offline activities : Instead of YouTube, go for a walk, instead of Spotify, listen to birdsong. On Instagram, young people will receive tips on digital wellbeing as part of the campaign until the end of the week and can take part in the challenge directly.

Would you like to use the Digital Wellbeing Offline Challenge by young people for young people at home, at school or in youth work? Then download it here for free as a PDF file.

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