Ommm online: New material on digital wellbeing

Who hasn't experienced this: We actually wanted to put the smartphone away a long time ago, but we're still glued to our devices. The pull of the digital is getting stronger and stronger, and many of us are finding it increasingly difficult to control it. With our new teaching material, you can teach young people why digital media are addictive and how to get out of the spiral of constant attention.

Almost all current social networks and services function according to the principles of digital attention. They are designed to appeal to the brain's reward system, which releases the happiness hormone dopamine, among other things. So-called "nudges" ensure that more time is spent on social media than originally planned. The result: a feeling of digital overload.

Through comparisons with unattainable ideals of beauty or confrontation with hate messages, cyberbullying, fake news or content relevant to the protection of minors, social media use can have an additional negative impact on well-being.

The aim of the new teaching material from klicksafe in cooperation with Handysektor is therefore to educate young people about the strategies of providers and the appeal of social media. Young people are also given tools with which they can regulate technologies and thereby increase their digital well-being. This also includes creating a healthy balance in media and technology use and, for example, abstaining from media for a while.

The new teaching material is Download and order here available.

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