Safer Internet Day 2023#OnlineAmLimit - your network. your life. your limits.

klicksafe is calling for nationwide participation in Safer Internet Day 2023. The theme for 2023 is #OnlineAmLimit. Up to what point is media use still okay and at what point do we fall into the digital stress trap? What skills do adults, children and young people need for a healthy balance? And how can binding rules be established for media consumption at work, school and in our free time?

For Safer Internet Day 2023, the EU initiative klicksafe is focusing its campaign on the theme "#OnlineAmLimit - your net. your life. your limits." at the center of its campaign and is calling on people across Germany to get involved. Safer Internet Day, which takes place on February 7, 2023, is coordinated by klicksafe in Germany.

To raise awareness and strengthen digital resilience, klicksafe provides numerous materials and creates space for addressing the issue at various levels:

  • Current figures from a representative klicksafe survey will show how our digital health is doing.
  • In 2023, klicksafe experts will publish a Digital Detox Box for school lessons and extracurricular youth work. The collection of methods for educational work by klicksafe and Handysektor will be available at
  • Materials with information and tips will also be made available for parents to support dialog about digital media use in the family.
  • Content and discussions will be available on social networks under the hashtags #OnlineAmLimit and #SID2023 .

Registration of own actions for the SID now possible

All interested parties are called upon to participate in the day of action, to become active and creative. No matter whether institution, school, club or private person - all can participate with their own contributions. You can now enter your actions on the international motto "Together for a better internet" or the main topic "#OnlineAmLimit" on our website. We will then publish this information online to draw attention to your commitment to Safer Internet Day. Planned actions can be entered on be entered.

→ For more information on SID23, please see our press release.