Educational Media Award 2018

Media education award for recommendable apps, games and websites

Apps, games and websites are an integral part of the cultural life of young people in our society. New offerings are constantly appearing, and exciting innovations are always beckoning. But not everything is good, and not everything is safe.

In order to provide parents and educational professionals with a guide through the digital world and to honor high-quality products, the "Educational Media Award" is presented. This media education-based award from "SIN - Studio im Netz" has been recognizing outstanding apps, games and websites for children and young people every year since 1998. Today, the #Medienpreis18 winners were honored at the Gasteig Cultural Center in Munich.
The "Pedagogical Media Award" honors recommendable media offerings that children and young people also enjoy using in their free time. The prize is a non-material award for the producers and at the same time a support for parents who are looking for pedagogically valuable media products for their children. The winners are decided by a jury in which children and young people are entitled to vote alongside educational specialists.
The winners of the 2018 Pedagogical Media Award
offerings for children: 

-     199 little heroes interactive (Brinkschulte & Uhlig), website
-     Carlsen Weltraum VR (Carlsen Verlag), app for Android and iOS
-     Lazuli learning system (funline Media), app for iOS, Windows, Mac
-     Lego Education WeDo 2.0 (Lego Education), game for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac
- (ZDF), website
-     Mussila Music School (Rosamosi), app for Android and iOS xml-ph-0024@en  

-     AER - Memories of Old (Daedalic Entertainment / Forgotten Key), game for Steam
-     Cuphead (Studio MDHR), game for Steam and Xbox One
-     DYO (Team DYO), game for Steam
-     maiLab (funk / SWR), YouTube channel
-     Starman: Tale of Light (nada studio), game for iOS and Steam
-     The Franz Kafka Videogame (Daedalic Entertainment / Denis Galanin), game for Android, iOS and Steamxml-ph-0023@deep               
- Learning modules of the (Internet-ABC e.V.), Website

A total of 14 products were awarded the 2018 Pedagogical Media Prize. In addition to apps and websites, a virtual reality application from the Carlsen publishing house also won an award for the first time in the    children's category. In addition, two games from Lego and Nintendo were honored that combine digital and haptic approaches. Hans-Jürgen Palme, executive director of SIN - Studio im Netz, was delighted with this development: "The fusion of digital game worlds with haptic experiences offers a wide range of possible applications and shows that media and sensory tinkering can be combined well. The extension of classic games with digital elements is an innovative enrichment of the gaming experience." In the
youth sector, five games and the YouTube channel maiLab received awards. Media educator Björn Friedrich from SIN noted, "Games for young people often follow similar schemas. All the more reason for us to be pleased about high-quality games that stand out from the crowd due to their content or aesthetic design. There are also some exciting approaches to be found on YouTube, for example, to impart knowledge in fascinating new forms." In addition, the jury awarded a
special prize: This was awarded to the online learning modules of the Internet ABC, which prepare media educational content for children of primary school age. The jury's brief statements of reasons, a video presentation of all the award winners, and detailed information on the award concept can be found at
pä The Pedagogical Media Award is realized by
SIN - Studio im Netz e.V. The event for the award ceremony is supported by the Department of Culture and the Department of Education and Sports of the City of Munich. The award ceremony takes place annually as part of the "Interactive Media Autumn Munich".

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