klicksafe material Kosmos YouTubeRight for the start of school: classroom projects on the popular video platform

The Easter vacations are drawing to a close. And many students will have spent their free time on YouTube, among other places. After all, the platform is still the most popular Internet site for many young people. With our teaching material "Kosmos YouTube", teachers can link directly to the lifeworld of young people and reflect on media content together. Four practical projects highlight both positive and negative aspects of YouTube.

According to the latest JIM study, YouTube is used regularly by 87% of the young people surveyed between the ages of 12 and 19. 57 % even use the streaming platform daily. Asked about their motivation, the young people said that YouTube is their favorite way to relieve boredom. But the video platform is also the No. 1 place to go in search of entertainment or inspiration. However, YouTube is also most frequently used to find out about current developments in the world.

So it's hard to imagine young people's lives today without YouTube. The platform offers many opportunities - such as deepening school content through learning videos - but also harbors some risks. The teaching material "Kosmos YouTube", developed in cooperation with Handysektor, also provides information about critical aspects, such as unrestrained consumption, the influence of advertising, and problematic role models in terms of political opinion-forming or body image.

The use of the material is recommended from grade 6. In addition to information texts, the teaching material offers four project suggestions:

  • Project 1: YouTube and you
  • Project 2: Influencing you?
  • Project 3: I want to be a YouTube star!
  • Project 4: Our own learning video

The teaching material is available for download or for ordering in our material system.