European Action MonthPositive online content for children

Positive online offerings encourage and inspire children. They provide them with stimuli and enable experiences in safe surfing environments. For example, in apps, on websites or in online games. Positive online content is not only important for children. Parents, teachers and educational professionals should also be aware of good online content for children. To achieve this, the Insafe network proclaims Positive Online Content Awareness Month every September.

The following goals are to be achieved with the action month:

  1. To focus attention on online services that are suitable for children. For all those who are involved with children in their families or professions.
  2. Make good online content for children more visible and better known.
  3. Stimulate the creation of new positive online offerings. 

Support participation &: 

Action Month is a good opportunity for providers and supporters of positive online content for children to draw attention to the issue and their own involvement.

We presented an example of a good children's offering on the occasion of World Children's Day 2022.

Information on the campaign: (English).

Checklist: Criteria for positive online content for children (German).

Examples: Positive online content from Germany

Campaign on social media: #PositiveOnlineContent

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