New at the Frankfurt Child Protection Association"Safe in the right" helps with digital violence

70% of all young people have come into contact with digital violence at some point. Problems such as online bullying and online anger can affect anyone - and are particularly widespread among young people. The Corona pandemic, the lockdown, and homeschooling have also led to children and young people spending significantly more time online. Young children in particular have landed in the digital world completely unprepared. The Kinderschutzbund Frankfurt has reacted to this and founded the "Fachstelle digitale Gewalt und Jugendrecht" - Safe im Recht.

"Safe in the Law" provides young people up to the age of 21 with advice on cyberbullying, exposure, harassment, threats, (image-based) sexualized violence and hate speech in the digital space, as well as other age-specific legal problems (online/offline). The center draws on the many years of experience of the youth legal counseling service. This has been advising young people competently, anonymously and free of charge on all legal issues since 1995. The project is financed by the Crespo Foundation.

At the same time, information formats are offered for young people, but also for parents, teachers or supervisors, trainers and youth institutions. The aim is to counter the phenomena of digital violence. They also offer education and concrete help. This can only be achieved by comprehensively promoting digital liter acy among the target group. "Safe im Recht" thus helps to strengthen young people's digital sovereignty and protect them from online violence by imparting knowledge and skills on the one hand, and by providing advice and enforcing the law on the other.

The help chat via WhatsApp is advertised via social media - in keeping with the target group. The project launch will also be supported by an offline campaign in subway and commuter trains. This campaign is funded by the Helmut Mader Foundation. The "Safe im Recht" team includes lawyers, trainee lawyers, law students and psychologists. The service is managed and coordinated by a lawyer and a psychologist.

All information and counseling services can be found on the website of "Safe im Recht".