Safer Internet Day compact: Practical projects on opinion formation available as download

On Safer Internet Day 2021, klicksafe will be focusing on the topic "Who do I believe? Opinion formation between fact and fake". In keeping with this theme, the new klicksafe handbook "Ethik macht Klick. Opinion Formation in the Digital World". Even before the material is published, we are making six worksheets available for download. This will give you ideas and enable you to carry out practical projects on SID.

The international action day Safer Internet Day is a day of participation: Whether school, youth center or library - institutions as well as individuals can set an example for a better Internet through their own actions and events. klicksafe calls on actors throughout Germany to participate in the SID and would like to offer them suggestions with concrete project ideas.

"Safer Internet Day compact: shaping opinions in the digital world - practical projects".

Even before the publication of the opinion-forming handbook, klicksafe provides a download package with several practical projects. With the help of these projects, children and young people learn to evaluate the credibility of online sources, can separate facts from opinions, deal with deceptions on the Internet or learn about the work of fact checkers. They also acquire strategies for debunking false reports and can deal appropriately with conspiracy narratives.

All activities in "Safer Internet Day compact: Shaping opinions in the digital world - practical projects" can be carried out even without reading the klicksafe manual first. Just one hour is enough to get to grips with the topic, and there is a range of activities for different age groups.

New klicksafe handbook "Ethics makes click" to be published on February 9, 2021

The new klicksafe handbook supports young people in developing their information and opinion-forming skills. The interdisciplinary working material looks at the topic of opinion formation from a media education and media ethics perspective and offers guidance with a roadmap. "Ethik macht klick - Meinungsbildung in der digitalen Welt" was developed in cooperation with the Institute for Digital Ethics (IDE) and the Episcopal Media Foundation and will be available in the klicksafe ordering system from 09.02.2021.

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