Protection against election interference on the network

Since the beginning of January, there have been new revelations about the Cambridge Analytica scandal on Twitter. The company had obtained data from Facebook users in the run-up to the 2016 US presidential election and then tried to influence their voting behavior. The documents now published are said to prove that this and similar practices endangering democracy are still being used worldwide to influence elections.

The whistleblower, Brittany Kaiser, explained in an interview why she brought the internal documents to the public: "Digital literacy is the most important point I would make here. If you understand the tactics and strategies that are used to manipulate you, then you can protect yourself from them."

With the klicksafe teaching material "Fact or Fake? - How to unmask false news on the Internet" (PDF), teachers in their classes can help ensure that young people are better armed against election influence through technology-based disinformation campaigns.

The teaching material, as well as other booklets from the " klicksafe to go " series on the topics of data security, encryption and algorithms, are available for free download on klicksafe.

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