Children's Rights - Level Up!Seitenstark launches campaign for World Children's Day 2023

Only those who know their rights can claim them. On this year's World Children's Day, September 20, Seitenstark is launching the "Children's Rights - Level Up!" project. Children can find out about their digital and analog rights and get ideas for actively dealing with their children's rights.

On tomorrow's World Children's Day, everything on revolves around children's rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. At the heart of the site is the pre-moderated children's forum. Children can join in immediately without registering and entering personal data.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child has a total of 54 articles. The focus of the Level Up! campaign is determined by the opinions and wishes of the children. They themselves select the children's rights they want to learn more about and discuss. Media educators accompany the communication and offer opportunities for discussion. Links to informative and multimedia online offerings complete the children's rights campaign.

Children's rights, which can sometimes seem abstract, take on a more concrete form when they are placed in the children's world. At the same time, children get to know high-quality and age-appropriate websites. Among them are many that have been awarded the SEITENSTARK-GÜTESIEGEL. This means that "Level Up!" takes children and their rights to the next level in more ways than one: they learn about their rights in depth, actively exercise them through co-determination and participation, and are strengthened to claim them for themselves.

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