Seniors on the Net

Many older people are aware of the benefits of the Internet - but the potential risks and lack of practice in using technology often deter them. Where can seniors find support?

More and more areas of our everyday lives are being accompanied by the use of new media. Whether it's information on the weather, information on timetables or simply entertaining pastimes: for many, this all happens online and media-supported as a matter of course. For many older people, however, using a computer, smartphone or tablet is a hurdle. Learning how to use them on their own is tedious, and a lack of experience in using technology fuels concerns about doing something wrong. Where can seniors find support to take advantage of the Internet and overcome their fears?

Information on site: Silver Surfer seminar series

The "Silver Surfer - Sicher online im Alter" (Silver Surfer - Safe Online in Old Age ) seminar series addresses precisely this issue. It is aimed at seniors who already use computers (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) and the Internet and would like to expand their knowledge. In the course of the seminar, participants learn how to find targeted information in the data jungle, maintain contacts via the Internet and no longer have to be afraid of shopping online. The project currently places particular emphasis on teaching participants how to use smart technologies such as tablet PCs and smartphones. The seminar concept focuses on reducing fear of contact by providing orientation. A special focus is on learning in the community. The idea is that people in similar life situations learn together and from each other in an open atmosphere.

An overview of the current course offerings for the German states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Württemberg:

The seminar series is accompanied by the Silver Surfer learning book, which is available as a free download. The nine modules correspond to the training content. In addition, the book offers a wealth of information on the Internet and is also intended to serve as a reference tool.

Information on the Internet: Silver Tipps service portal

The "Silver Tipps - sicher online" service portal also aims to enable self-confident and safe use of the Internet. Here, older online users can obtain specific information, suggestions and tips from experts and scientists on how to use the Internet, smartphones and the like safely and to help them overcome their fears.

Each month, the multimedia focus is on a specific topic. In addition to online articles, podcasts and videos, the website also features quizzes and link lists. All topics focus on consumer protection and data privacy.


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