Snapchat users are most active - new data on teen social media use

First results of the JIM Study 2017

94 percent of young people between the ages of twelve and 19 in Germany communicate regularly via WhatsApp. Instagram (57 %) ranks second among communication apps used at least several times a week, with Snapchat close behind with 49 percent regular users. Facebook (25 %) is now used regularly by only a quarter of young people. These are the initial results of the JIM Study 2017 (Youth, Information, (Multi-) Media) of the Medienpädagogischer Forschungsverbund Südwest (mpfs), which were presented today at the Stuttgart Media Congress. The overall results of the JIM Study 2017 will be published on November 30, 2017.

The detailed comparison of Instagram and Snapchat users shows that young people are significantly more active on Snapchat: Two-thirds of Snapchat users frequently send snaps themselves, while on Instagram only one in five users frequently post content themselves. On both platforms, twelve- to 19-year-olds are most often followers of people they know personally. While on Instagram accounts on a specific topic, from Internet stars or other stars and celebrities (e.g. from the music or sports industry) also play a role, on Snapchat the personal aspect is in the foreground, snaps from stars play a subordinate role.

Compared to the previous year, Instagram was able to slightly expand its position in the everyday media life of young people with 57% regular users (2016: 51%), and the proportion of regular users among young people also increased slightly for Snapchat (2017: 49%, 2016: 45%). Facebook , on the other hand (2017: 25%, 2016: 43%), saw a significant decline.

When asked specifically about the apps that are generally most important to them personally (up to three mentions were possible), a similar picture emerges: For nine out of ten young people who have apps installed on their cell phones, WhatsApp (88%) is among the most important offerings. Thirty-nine percent name Instagram. Snapchat (34 %) and YouTube (32 %) are among the indispensable applications on the smartphone for one third of young people each. Facebook is mentioned by only 13 percent of twelve to 19-year-olds.

In addition to facts on the topics of moving image and music use, on the use of digital media in the context of school, and on the topic interests and information behavior of young people, the JIM Study 2017 contains basic data on the leisure behavior of twelve- to 19-year-olds as well as media usage data on the Internet, television, radio, books and digital games.

The JIM (Youth, Information, (Multi-) Media) study series has been conducted annually by the Medienpädagogischer Forschungsverbund Südwest in cooperation with Südwestrundfunk since 1998. The representative study maps the media behavior of young people in Germany. For the survey, 1,200 young people between the ages of twelve and 19 were interviewed by telephone in early summer 2017.

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