Day of action against the sexual exploitation of childrenHow to react appropriately to online abuse

What should I do if I come across abusive images of minors online? Where can I report this content so that it can be removed from the internet? These questions are answered by our partners in the German Safer Internet Center - the complaints offices of FSM, eco and - in a new factsheet. In addition, posts on social media summarize the most important points with a wide reach. The occasion is the European Day for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse on November 18.

Factsheet on how to deal with allegations of abuse

The factsheet presents the most important "DOs and DON'Ts" in an understandable way and provides concrete assistance for interested parties and those affected. It discusses whether and how evidence should be preserved. What options are available for reporting and reporting content. And also what should be avoided at all costs so as not to make yourself liable to prosecution .

What is the "European Day against the Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of Children"?

The "European Day against the Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of Children" was initiated by the Council of Europe in 2015 and calls on people and institutions in Europe to take action online and offline against the sexual exploitation of children.

FSM, eco and are partners of the German Safer Internet Center, which is funded by the European Union and coordinated by klicksafe. They work closely together to combat illegal, harmful and development-impairing content in the area of child and youth protection. This includes depictions of abuse of children and young people, as well as depictions of violence, hate speech and pornography.

Other members of the Safer Internet Center Germany association are klicksafe and Nummer gegen Kummer. In Germany, the complaints offices work closely with the Federal Criminal Police Office. They are also involved in INHOPE, the international network of Internet complaints offices for combating child abuse.

Complaints offices

If you come across illegal content or content that is problematic for children and young people on the Internet, you can report this online content to an Internet complaints office free of charge and anonymously if you wish: