New report from jugendschutz.netStreet surveys - entertainment format at the expense of the respondents

Successful TV shows serve as a model: spontaneous surveys of passers-by in the style of TV Total are also well received on social media. On YouTube and TikTok in particular, the videos with so-called street polls receive millions of views. The creators of the formats are celebrated by young people in particular. In a new report, takes a look at street polls in which children and young people are exposed or encouraged to engage in dangerous behavior.

The videos viewed by show: Young people in particular often recognize the creators while filming on the street. In some cases, they actively approach them and force themselves into the picture. For them, taking part in a street survey is particularly exciting and worthwhile. They are searching for their own identity and hope for recognition from their peer group. Appearing in the format of well-known content creators can supposedly secure such admiration from friends.

However, young protagonists in particular are often unable to fully assess the effect of their appearance on third parties and the resulting consequences. They act cool in front of the camera and try to appear as interesting and funny as possible with their answers. However,post-editing the videos, lurid thumbnails and derogatory statements in the comments may expose children and young people in the videos.

According to, the providers of social media services are partly responsible for the fact that such exposing and defamatory street polls are produced and received on a massive scale. They set the framework of what is considered normal or appropriate within the community. Therefore, according to, they should take structural protective measures to prevent cyberbullying and sensitize their users to the problem.

However, according to the report, content creators have a particular responsibility. This is because the impact of their videos is directly linked to how they present themselves to the interviewees and how they subsequently edit the filmed material.

The entire report, in which all the aspects mentioned are presented in more detail, is available for download at for download available for download.

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Exposing people or putting them in unpleasant situations to amuse them is unfortunately a tradition on social media portals. With our teaching materials on the topics of pranks and challenges, teachers can help their students to develop an attitude towards this problematic content. The teaching units are supplementary materials to our Kosmos YouTube handbook.