Children's website day: "Internet for children - this is how it works".

With the motto "Internet for kids - this is how it's done," this year's Children's Website Day (TdK) on October 21 offers children an exclusive look behind the scenes: Children will learn how, why and by whom children's websites are designed.

Through a joint "online special", web editors let children participate in their work. In the process, they learn about the various aspects of "making of": How do you plan and build a children's site? How is a mascot developed? How do search engines work for children? The children will gain insights into online production, learn how texts, photos, films or games are created and get to know the people in the online editorial offices.

"For TdK 2019, the focus is on transparency and media knowledge," explains Anke Hildebrandt, media educator at Seitenstark. "The aim is to provide children with exciting and important background knowledge and thus strengthen their media skills. Because those who know how media are made learn to use them critically and can also become active themselves." All Medienmacherinnen and - makers, who arrange quality offers for children in the Internet, are cordially invited to participate in the large "on-line special" to the day of the child sides. Suitable contributions are collected by Seitenstark and presented on October 21 on

New event format: "Seitenstark Medientag" - Kick-off event in Thuringia

On the occasion of TdK 2019, Seitenstark is also launching a new event format. As part of a "Seitenstark Media Day", educational specialists and teachers will be shown in practice-oriented workshops how online offerings for children can be used in a targeted manner in schools, all-day programs and extracurricular media education. The kick-off event is on October 21 in Thuringia (Erfurt). Prominent support receives side strong of Timster moderator Tim Gailus (KiKA medium magazine). An meeting route is planned by the Lands of the Federal Republic. For it Seitenstark looks for education-responsible supporters, joint organizers and co-operation partners in the countries.

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