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TikTok is always in the headlines. Most of the time, it's about the app's darker side. Fatal accidents caused by challenges. Possible surveillance by the Chinese government. Or an addictive algorithm. This doesn't seem to be hurting the app's success. In Germany, too, millions of young people use TikTok every day. With the new quiz on TikTok, young people learn in a fun way how to use the app more safely. In addition, klicksafe offers a lot more information and materials on the topic of TikTok.

TikTok is one of the most popular apps among young people in Germany. However, anyone who wants to use the platform safely needs some background knowledge. With our new quiz, young people can check how well they know their way around TikTok. The quiz also includes instructions for safe settings in TikTok. This information is also available outside the quiz in the privacy guides at available.

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TikTok material for teenagers

In addition to the quiz, klicksafe also offers a new flyer for young people on the topic of TikTok. This provides information on the most important security and privacy settings. In addition, it contains helpful tips on what to do in the event of cyberbullying or harassment. The flyer also contains links and tips on useful further services for young people.

Together with Handysektor, we have summarized important points of the general terms and conditions of TikTok in the series "Terms of use in brief". This gives readers an overview of the minimum age, safety aspects and data protection regulations.

TikTok material for parents

What's behind the hype surrounding TikTok? And what is it that fascinates children and young people so much about the app? That's certainly a question many parents and guardians ask. Our booklet "What does my child actually do on TikTok?" provides information on how and why young people use the app. An overview explains formats such as lip-sync videos, duets or tutorials. Questions about the possibilities and dangers of TikTok are also answered.

Appropriately, we also offer a family checklist. It serves as an introduction to the conversation with young people and contains playful tasks to develop a meaningful use of TikTok together.

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