Special topic "Media Times" at the Internet ABC

The time in front of the screen - how do you do it?

Every family knows this: When it comes to media times, conflict between parents and children is almost always pre-programmed. Whether it's TV, PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone, the ideas about the duration and quality of the content often diverge widely.
The Internet ABC would like to give parents helpful tips and information on the topic with the special "Media Times" and seek dialog with them. Do they determine at home exactly how long the children are allowed to use media ...? Or is it decided on a case-by-case basis? What experiences do parents have with this topic? The campaign is intended to stimulate an exchange on the topic of media times. The Internet ABC would like to find out which regulations parents feel are suitable for them. What solutions do they have when it comes to arguments?
Your opinion is needed: How do you do it? Discuss with us!
To kick things off, a poll on Internet ABC will address one of the key questions in media education: "Do you determine how long your child is allowed to sit in front of the screen?" As part of the topic special, Internet-ABC will soon also be interviewing celebrities and offering you more facts and figures on the topic, in addition to the results of the poll. Finally, there will be tips on how you can experience media times together as a family.

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