Following the success of BeRealTikTok Now wants to score with more naturalness

A hype has arisen around the social media service BeReal in recent months. There are supposed to be no posed and edited photos there. In the meantime, the competition has also reacted. TikTok Now is an app that copies BeReal. Whether TikTok can convince users not to switch to BeReal remains to be seen. In our article, you can read about the relevant security aspects of TikTok Now.

The app TikTok Now has been available in Germany since September 2022. The functions of TikTok Now are based on the social media app BeReal. Users are supposed to post a picture or video at a randomly selected time. However, only a limited time window is available for this. The idea is to create realistic and spontaneous shots without filters or image editing. However, in order to see the contributions of others, one must first post something oneself. This can trigger pressure among young people , lead to ill-considered posting or involuntary release of private information.

To use the app, a TikTok account is required. All settings are taken from the TikTok account. For users* under the age of 18, there is a restriction on TikTok Now. They can only share posts with followers and not via the public feed. This also means that the posts can only be commented on by followers and not by strangers.

Officially, the app can be used from the age of 13. In practice, however, the minimum age is not effectively checked.

If your child is already using TikTok and you also want to allow TikTok Now, take a look at the TikTok account settings first. The age-appropriate settings of TikTok Now are only active if the correct date of birth has been entered for the linked TikTok account. Check the security settings of the TikTok account together with your child.

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