New themeTips for parents on how to use smartwatches

Smartwatches are now coveted accessories in the lives of children and young people. They are worn on the wrist like a digital watch. They are therefore wearables - electronics that are worn on the body. 28 percent of young people in Germany now own such wearables, according to the JIM Study 2022. But it's not just young people who are interested in the devices. Some parents are also considering equipping their children with the smart companions. A need for greater security for the child often plays a role here.

In our new topic area on the subject of smartwatches, we provide tips for parents. There, parents will find information in case their child approaches them with the desire for a smartwatch. But parents who are considering equipping their child with a smartwatch will also find helpful food for thought here. We also provide information on which smartwatches should be classified as prohibited telecommunications devices. We also explore the question of whether location tracking of children can have negative effects on their development.