Practice makes perfect! - presents learning apps and sites for kids

Whether math, German or physics - not every school subject is equally fun. To help children learn and awaken their interests, the recommendation service has compiled the best children's sites and apps for kids from 4 to 12.

Apps in particular can teach learning content in a playful way. But finding really good learning apps is often difficult for parents in the mass of offers. Families can get an overview of age-appropriate and safe children's apps at Downloading apps should be done by parents or under their supervision.

At , young surfers can also find tested links to child-friendly learning sites and exercises; they can search for topics or browse categories. Interactive games, films and stories help to understand connections better and to develop desire for learning.

About - the recommendation service for good children's offers - is a media education project of and the Stiftung MedienKompetenz Forum Südwest (MKFS). It stands for media competence, youth protection and more consideration for children on the Internet. Media experts research attractive content on the Internet for children up to 12 years of age according to professional criteria and present it at . In this way, children, parents, and educators get to know interesting children's offerings. The editorial team works closely with a children's editorial team. The click Tipps can merge each Internet offerer free of charge and without expenditure into its Website. It supports thereby a safe Surfraum for children. More under


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