klicksafe checklist: Use video chat safely at school

Video chat systems can simplify distance learning. However, there are some security standards to consider that should be absolutely guaranteed.

School closures in the wake of the Corona pandemic have led to more classes being taught via video conferencing. Time and again, there are reports of strangers disrupting digital classes. At best, this is a momentary annoyance; at worst, it can lead to criminal acts that cause lasting anxiety for students. Such situations can be effectively prevented by a few measures.

To ensure that teaching in the "digital classroom" is a positive experience for teachers and students, klicksafe has summarized all safety-relevant points in a checklist. With this checklist, educators can easily check whether they have taken everything into account when setting up the video conference.

The checklist is available as a document forfree download at&. In addition, all tips can also be found in the Educators section: Teaching via Videochat. There you will also find further helpful links on the topic of videochat.

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