Digital gamesWhat fascinates kids about Brawl Stars?

Cool characters, jewels and trophies - that's the colorful gaming world of the Brawl Stars app. The popular gaming app is particularly popular with children. But is Brawl Stars suitable for children? What fascinates young players about it? What risks should guardians be aware of? klicksafe summarizes the most important aspects and tips.

What is Brawl Stars?

Players can compete against each other in various modes in the colorful cartoon game environment. Battles are possible alone or in teams. In keeping with the name of the game, the characters are called "Brawlers ". They differ in appearance, strength and weapons depending on the game state.

The game modes must be unlocked gradually. Players have a different task in each game mode. For example, the aim of the "Solo Showdown" mode, which is unlocked at the beginning, is to be the last of 10 players to survive. Other game modes include "Knockout" and "Bounty Hunt". Regardless of the mode, a game round only lasts a few minutes. In the game, users can communicate with each other in clubs or team chats.

What fascinates kids about Brawl Stars?

  • Brawl Stars is easily accessible and can be downloaded free of charge from the various app stores.
  • Brawl Stars appeals with its child-friendly and clear visuals as well as popular characters and brawlers.
  • The short and varied game rounds lead to quick successes and can be played again and again on the go.
  • Popular game modes are used.
  • Reward system: For winning rounds, players receive rewards in the form of tokens or coins, which can be used to unlock Starr Drops (formerly loot boxes) on a daily basis. This provides a constant incentive to continue playing. Winnings also earn you trophies and allow you to move up in a league.
  • Team play: Brawl Stars can be played in a team. The shared sense of achievement with other players contributes to a positive gaming experience.

Tips for parents

You would like to allow your child Brawl Stars? Then you should keep the following in mind:

  • Accompany children attentively in everyday life to recognize possible signs of excessive play behavior in time. Limit the playing time and make sure that  fixed playing times are adhered to. A media use contract negotiated by the family can be helpful.
  • Turn off push messages that keep reminding children to play in the device settings.
  • Determine whether and to what extent in-game purchases may be made by the child, with what payment methods and caps (e.g., pocket money). If you do not want to allow in-app purchases, you can prevent them on the device.
  • Discuss rules for online communication with your child. Make them aware of contact risks, such as unwanted contact(cybergrooming) or inappropriate communication behavior in chats(cyberbullying).
  • Show your child the help area and the reporting options for inappropriate content in the app.

Brawl Stars risks in detail

No standardized age recommendation and age verification

Brawl Stars is available free of charge as an app for all mobile devices in the respective app stores. In the Apple App Store, the age recommendation is nine years. According to the Play Store (Android), children aged twelve and over can play the online game. Important: These age recommendations are not based on an official test. The Entertainment Software Self-Regulation Body (USK) has not tested the game. The educational game advisor NRW recommends Brawl Stars for ages ten and up. According to the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of the manufacturer Supercell, parents must agree to the GTC if children have not yet reached the "minimum age for your region". The exact age is not stated in the terms and conditions. Anyone who has not reached the minimum age and does not have parental consent is not allowed to use Brawl Stars. However, this has no effect on everyday life. Brawl Stars does not check the age of players.

Excessive gaming

The various incentives in the game (rewards, loot box mechanisms, leaderboards) can encourage excessive gaming behavior. Children who develop a high level of ambition when playing are particularly susceptible to addictive gaming behavior. If friends play as a team, the social pressure to succeed can lead to a rapid increase in usage times.

Cost traps through in-app purchases

In order to advance the flow of the game, game advantages can be purchased through paid in-app purchases. This is sometimes opaque, as the platform's internal currency (jewels) is based on real money.

Cybergrooming and cyberbullying

In Brawl Stars, players can play together online by creating or joining clubs and communicating via chat. Although chatting is not the main focus of the game, there is a risk of contact being initiated by other players(cybergrooming) due to the chat function. Chat communication can lead to hate speech or cyberbullying.