International Children's DayWhat actually makes a good children's site on the web?

Today is International Children's Day. On this day, the focus is on children and their special needs and rights. This includes child-friendly, safe surfing spaces. Good children's sites support children in their development and education. But how can you actually recognize a good children's site on the web?

Media education works best when parents and children discover the Internet together. For this, it is important that you as a parent yourself know how to recognize good children's offers on the Internet. To help you with this, we have listed the most important points here:

Good children's sites should...

  • be easy to understand and clearly structured.
  • provide age-appropriate information.
  • be free of advertising and not hide any unforeseeable costs.
  • warn when redirecting to external sites.
  • not ask for personal data.

In addition to an overview of good children's sites, the klicksafe children's area provides suitable tips and information for safe entry into the Internet.

On 16 pages, this info brochure provides information and tips on how to give children and young people safe access to the Internet.