NEW: What does my child actually do at TikTok?

Even during the corona pandemic, TikTok is considered an ideal pastime by young users. What fascinates children and young people about the video platform and how can they use TikTok safely? The new klicksafe booklet provides parents with answers.

The booklet provides parents with background information and explains how they can support their child in using TikTok. An overview explains formats such as lipsync videos, duets or tutorials that can be found on the social network. It addresses what is behind the hype of TikTok and how young people use the app. It also answers questions about the possibilities and dangers of TikTok and presents corresponding recommendations for action and safety settings. Parents get tips on how to react if the child wants to create his or her own account on TikTok, spends too much time in the app, or wants to participate in a TikTok challenge.

With the Family checklist (PDF) from klicksafe, parents and their children can start a conversation about the contents of the booklet and work out tasks together on the topic of TikTok.

The booklet is the second part of the series of topics "What does my child actually do on...?". The first part focuses on the video service YouTube. The series contains the most important information and tips for parents on the most frequently used Internet services for young people. It is intended to help parents keep track of their child's media use.

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