New klicksafe materialsWhat is my child actually doing on Twitch?

The streaming platform Twitch exerts a great fascination on children and young people. For parents, klicksafe offers a new booklet and a checklist that explain how to deal with Twitch.

How is Twitch used by children and young people? What opportunities can the platform offer and what dangers should parents be aware of?

Twitch is mainly used by gamers who play live games and comment on them. Craft videos, live music and other hobbies have also found their place on the platform.

Our new booklet provides parents with information, tips and clarifies how children and young people can be safely guided in dealing with live content. In addition, our family checklist provides an entry point into the conversation and playful tasks to reflect together on meaningful use of Twitch.

The booklet can now be ordered and downloaded from the klicksafe material system . The checklist is also available for download.