Cybergrooming video seriesMore videos of the klicksafe expert talk with cybercriminologist Thomas-Gabriel Rüdiger

Cybergrooming describes the initiation of sexual contact with children and young people on the Internet. In the new klicksafe Expert*innen-Talk, cybercriminologist Prof. Dr. Thomas-Gabriel Rüdiger answers important questions about cybergrooming from a legal-criminological perspective. How often does cybergrooming occur and are there certain strategies used by perpetrators? - This is the subject of the two new videos.

Cybercriminologist Prof. Dr. Thomas-Gabriel Rüdiger is head of the Institute for Cybercriminology at the Brandenburg Police University. He has been dealing with the topic of cybergrooming from a legal and criminological perspective for many years. In an expert talk with klicksafe, he discusses important questions about cybergrooming. In the first two videos of the series, he explains what cybergrooming is and on which online platforms cybergrooming can occur.

Two more videos in the video series are now available. In them, the following questions are addressed:

You can download the videos using the links above or watch them directly on YouTube.