Become a media professional - Tools & Info for creative media use

Which camera setting is the right one? How do you edit videos and how do you animate games? Questions like these come up when you want to work creatively with media. But you shouldn't let that discourage you! With the right tools and information sites, you can quickly learn the most important tricks from the pros and use media creatively. This not only adds value to your own media experience, but also allows you to engage with media content in an informed and critical way. klicksafe presents recommended offers.

The use of digital media opens up numerous possibilities: You can get information, communicate with others, and be entertained. But media also offer the chance to express oneself creatively and discover one's own talents. This includes being able to produce films, podcasts or texts yourself, for example. Through active engagement, positive media experiences are created and one's own media competence is expanded.

Parents can discover creative media offerings together with their children. They can take photos, record and edit videos, or create their own radio plays. This is not only fun, but also creates discussion spaces for media use and offers added value to the children's own media experience. At school, media can be used to present ideas audiovisually. Creative use of images and sound can be approached in lessons and on project days. In the process, children and young people learn how media work and at the same time learn how to use media production for their own purposes.

Medienbox NRW: The toolbox for your topic in image and sound

With the Medienbox NRW, young people and all citizens* can learn basic techniques in media production. Whether for a school project or for leisure, the Medienbox NRW offers free, interactive learning opportunities and teaches the basics of audio and audiovisual content production.

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