VALUES LIFE - ONLINE: Topic module "No stress on WhatsApp - use Messenger respectfully and sensibly".

The new topic module of WERTE LEBEN - ONLINE clarifies negative WhatsApp phenomena and provides young people with tips and information for a critical and self-confident use of the instant messaging service.

A life without WhatsApp? For many young people this is unimaginable. With the help of the messenger they are always and everywhere connected with their friends, share videos and pictures or send voice messages. But when chain letters, spam messages or misunderstandings occur in the group chat and the pressure increases to always have to answer immediately, WhatsApp can quickly become a stress factor.

  • How to avoid trouble in group chat?
  • What responsibility does an admin take on?
  • How can I decide how much power WhatsApp has over my everyday life?
  • Which app settings help me with this?
  • What's the deal with end-to-end encryption?
  • And are there any Messenger alternatives on the market at all?

These and other issues are addressed in the topic module. In social media campaigns on Instagram &, the young scouts draw attention to the issue and call on their peers to use WhatsApp respectfully and responsibly. With the current photo participation campaign helpful tips for relaxed WhatsApp use are collected and important rules for more respect in group chats are shared with each other on youth-oriented social media platforms.

The associatedwebinar "No crap on WhatsApp!" is available to school classes (grades 5-9) and youth groups for free bookings. Together with the participants, a look at privacy settings is taken as well as tips and solutions for a respectful and relaxed togetherness in the (class) group chat are developed.

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Topic module for young people:

Current social media join-in campaign:No stress on WhatsApp

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