Competition of the Teachtoday initiative: "Do media make opinion?"

The Teachtoday initiative is putting the topic of opinion formation at the center of its annual "Media, but safe." competition in 2017. Together with YouTuber Max Oberüber, creative ideas are being sought until June 4, 2017.

Do children believe everything that's online? Do they only like what their Internet star likes to eat? Do they learn their ideal of beauty from casting shows? Is there no spectrum of opinion between thumbs up and thumbs down for them? 

It's clear that young users not only find fun and entertainment in the world of media, but also a wealth of information, perspectives and role models that influence their thinking and values. Although the "digital natives" seem to have no problem navigating through this flood of offerings, they often fail to question the intentions behind them and critically compare them with the reality of their own lives. 

The competition

The Teachtoday initiative is making the topic of opinion formation the focus of its annual competition "Media, but safe." in 2017. Ideas are being sought that provide answers to the question "Do media make opinion?" and that participants want to implement together with their class, learning or leisure group as part of the competition. The ideas can be as diverse as the perspectives on the topic itself; the focus is on an active and self-reflective examination of the influences that media content has on individuals and society. From an experiment on the impact of comments on the Internet to the targeted self-promotion of casting show contestants to a comparison of fake news today and in grandma's day, anything can be included! 

How does the competition work?

Ideas can be submitted until June 04, 2017 at Six finalist teams will then be selected in a public online vote. The six finalists will then implement their idea in a project and receive a box with helpful materials as well as professional on-site training. At the grand finale "Summit for Kids," the finalist teams battle it out for victory. A colorful program ensures fun - and the all-important verdict of the audience and jury provides a big dose of thrill!

What is there to win?

The finalist teams can look forward to great prizes.

1st place: Meeting & Video shoot with YouTuber Max Oberüber

2nd to 3rd place: Budget for the group treasury

4th to 6th place: The media course comes for a visit


More information and the entry form at