Back again! Data protection - Tips for parents: How to keep personal data safer online

The flyer informs parents about the consequences of carelessly sharing and distributing personal data via the Internet and smartphone. In addition to basic legal conditions, security and data protection tips for apps and social networks are also presented. Parents receive concrete advice on how to discuss the topic of data protection with their own children. The fair handling of other people's data and the correct procedure in the event of data protection violations are also covered.

To go with the updated version of the flyer, the family checklist "How to protect your data better" is now also available. This makes it easy for families to check whether the most important precautions for protecting personal data have been taken or where they need to catch up.

The 16-page flyer "Data Protection - Tips for Parents" and the family checklist "How to protect your data better" are available for download as PDFs; you can also order the flyer as a print version from klicksafe.

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