YouTube Kids - video offer for children

Until now, YouTube Kids was only available in the USA. Since 06.09.17, the app is also available for download for Android and IOS users in Germany and Austria.

The video platform YouTube is often used by children of preschool age, but it is unsuitable for their needs. Younger children often encounter disturbing videos and advertising. To create a suitable offering for children as well, the children's version YouTube Kids was launched in Germany on September 6. The app, which has been available in the U.S. since 2015, allows parents to limit the selection to YouTube videos suitable for children and set time limits. The app is free and therefore not ad-free, but stricter advertising guidelines apply.

YouTube Kids can also be operated by young children (e.g., via voice control). The app presents selected children's videos in the categories music, learning, series and exploring. A search function that can be switched off also opens up YouTube's wealth of offerings, and filter systems and manual checks limit the videos to those suitable for children. Settings such as age level (e.g. preschool, school age) can be adjusted by parents and secured with a code (source:

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