"Hitler's Power"ZDF offers multimedia and teaching package on National Socialism

To mark the 90th anniversary of Adolf Hitler coming to power on January 30, 1933, ZDF is offering a three-part ZDF documentary entitled "Hitler's Power." There is also extensive accompanying material in the ZDF Mediathek and a serious game entitled "Deine Insel" (Your Island).

The three parts of the documentary - "The Rising", "The Ruler" and "The Destroyer" - try to find answers to questions that precede all three films:

  • How could such a nobody rise to dictator in such a short time?
  • What was the basis of his power?
  • And what made so many Germans follow him into the abyss?

Digital Feature #HITLERS MAKE

In addition there is extensive accompanying material in the ZDF media centerhosted by Mirko Drotschmann, known online as "MrWissen2go Geschichte". Two digital features "#HITLERS MACHT - Warum Hitler Social Media geliebt hätte" and "#HITLERS MACHT - Die Psychologie der Mitläufer" experimentally delve into the topics of political propaganda and its socio-psychological impact as well as the emergence of (political) mass movements.

Serious Game - Your Island

The digital mini-game "Your Island" is a question-and-answer game that offers young users in particular the opportunity to build a small island society according to their own ideas, values and rules. A chatbot helps with questions: How should decisions be made, misconduct sanctioned or resources distributed?  
The game helps to make transparent mechanisms that can challenge free societies or put them at risk. Here, too, the focus shifts to the question: How could a democracy in Germany become a dictatorship in 1933, and could it happen again today?  

The island game can be accessed on mobile and stationary devices at: https://deine-insel.zdf.de

Teaching material

In addition, a methodological-didactic handout with materials for history classes or other contexts of historical-political education was created. The material consists of a basic module on the documentaries with history-related content and thematic in-depth modules for each of the three films in the trilogy.

The teaching material can be found here: https://www.zdf.de/dokumentation/terra-x/plus-schule-themenpaket-hitlers-macht-100.html

Also on the Instagram channel of Terra X and on YouTube you can find videos and content.

Materials from klicksafe on the topic of democracy

Material #fitfordemocracy: The teaching material addresses the topics of fake news, conspiracy theories, disinformation campaigns and right-wing populism and aims to strengthen the "democracy muscle" of young people. #fitfordemocracy is a station work for the classroom - analogous to a real gym.

Material Right-wing extremism has many faces: The brochure from klicksafe and jugendschutz.net combines the specific know-how of various competent organizations. The spectrum of topics ranges from teaching basic values of human coexistence to raising awareness for recognizing right-wing extremist opinion-making to counter-strategies and getting to know dropout programs.

Material Ethik macht klick - Meinungsbildung in der digitalen Welt: The klicksafe handbook "Ethik macht klick.Meinungsbildung in der digitalen Welt" provides insights into the information behavior of young people, offers assistance in analyzing and recognizing disinformation strategies, and shows the effects of misinformation on democratic society. 

Actionbound in the Bunker of Lies: In the Actionbound game "In the Bunker of Lies," youth learn to debunk conspiracy narratives and fake news.

Democracy quiz: In this quiz, young people can put their knowledge of democracy to the test.

All materials can also be found in our klicksafe democracy education section compiled.