Learning at home with media - tips for parents, learners and teachers

The school lockdown in most of Germany's federal states is once again presenting students, teachers and parents with major challenges at the start of the year. Germany's public broadcasters are responding to the school closures by expanding their educational offerings live on TV and in media libraries. But there is also a wide range of services on the web that support students in their learning. We provide an overview.

Learning offers of the public broadcasters

  • Learning at home (ARD) - The ARD media center provides an overview of all the station's various offerings under the heading "Learning at home .
  • Schule daheim - Online Lernen (ARD) - ARD and the Bayrische Rundfunk offer video offers subdivided according to school subjects. Contents to all usual school subjects such as German, English, Maths, physics and many more are explained clearly.
    note: School at home runs over the education channel ARD alpha on workdays always of 9-12 o'clock also live. Learning formats are offered especially for upper and middle school students, for example in the subjects German, math and physics.
  • Virtual classroom (ZDF) - ZDF's video offering is divided by age group. It ranges from preschool and elementary school to middle and high school.
  • Terra X plus Schule (ZDF) - The content of the ZDF media library is organized here according to school subjects and knowledge topics. Students will find videos of varying length, short explanatory videos , but also entire documentaries. The videos can be downloaded for offline use.
  • Planet Schule (SWR and WDR) - On the education platform, SWR and WDR  offerlearning games, apps, films and simulations for all common school subjects. A special offer is aimed at elementary school students.
  • Planet Schule - Multimediales Schulfernsehen (SWR) ­­ - Learning languages, experiencing history, knowledge & technology, media education and much more are offered by the numerous learning videos on Planet Schule's multimedia school television.
  • MDR Wissen - MDR is also expanding its educational offerings under the hashtag #GERNELERNEN and offers videos for learning in the children's room for various subjects, such as biology, chemistry and mathematics.
  • Sternchenthemen (SWR)- The special SWR online offer "Sternchenthemen" is aimed at high school graduates for the subject German and offers in-depth information on reading textbook classics.
  • SWR-Kindernetz - The SWR children's network features articles and videos on various areas of knowledge, such as "Animals and Nature," "Planets and Space," "Politics" and "History," as well as information on the Corona virus and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and sports tips to combat boredom at home.
  • The funk content network of ARD and ZDF has bundled its video content on school topics into a playlist on YouTube.

Learning on the Net

  • If children are to do independent research on the Internet for their schoolwork, it is advisable to use special children's search engines such as Blinde Kuh or Frag Finn , which protect children from harmful content on the Web.
  • Internet ABC for parents: In the Corona topic special, parents can find information on the learning modules as well as tips on the learning software and game tips database from Internet-ABC.
  • Studio on the Net: Anyone looking for good and creative tips to combat boredom at home will quickly find what they are looking for here.
  • Simply read aloud: Here you can find new free read-aloud fun every week! The service is now also available as a free app.
  • Code it!: A publicly funded learning platform that allows children aged nine and up to learn the basics of programming independently and through play. The courses can be used without registration and are free of charge.
  • The cross-state education portal MUNDO contains freely accessible educational media sorted by school subjects. The portal makes qualitatively and license-legally examined instruction media of different sources freely accessible to all educational specialists, pupils and educators since beginning of the school year 2020/2021.
  • Many other recommended Internet offerings for children can be found in the klicksafe children's area.

Tips for teachers

  • The learning app ANTON offers teachers the opportunity to create classes, assign tasks and monitor learning progress. There is a wide selection of school subjects with tasks from grade 1 to 10 to match the learning plan. Students can also practice independently with the app. The app can be used free of charge.
  • The interactive school media library Educ'ARTE can currently be used free of charge and offers over 1000 selected ARTE programs for all school subjects and grade levels in German, French and English.
  • In the"Learning with YouTube" section, klicksafe presents channels that can be used well in an educational context.
  • Internet ABC for teachers: The Corona topic special contains a compilation of the most important offerings from the Internet ABC, which children can also use to explore the Internet on their own (or accompanied by their parents). This link collection is also available for download as a PDF on the platform.
  • The State Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information RLP answers the most important questions for teachers in RLP in its flyer "Schulischer Datenschutz" .
  • The Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany (KMK) has compiled an extensive list sorted by federal state: Learning from home - Digital learning opportunities.
  • School to go: database with new learning offers every day.
  • LearningApps: Here you will find many small interactive learning opportunities for digital learning, organized by subject.
  • The site homeschooling-corona.com offers an overview of many different digital education offers, virtual classrooms and communication platforms.

You know more?
We'd love to add to our list! Send us your suggestions with helpful learning offers to info[at]klicksafe.de.