klicksafe asks... (12): How does virtual reality affect children?



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Around 85% of young people in Germany regularly play video games (source: JIM Study 2023). For several years now, some large companies have been investing in the expansion of virtual reality (VR) in the video game sector. In VR gaming, the games are perceived through VR glasses and are therefore intended to have a particularly impressive effect on the players. Is this intense gaming experience also suitable for children or can it have harmful effects on them? Dr. Anna Felnhofer answers these questions for us. She is the founder and head of the Pediatric Virtual Reality Laboratory at the Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine (Pediatric Psychosomatics) at the Medical University of Vienna. As a clinical psychologist and health psychologist, she uses VR in the treatment of chronically ill and mentally stressed children and adolescents.

This podcast was created during the Expert Summit "NextGen Media - Digital Trends in the Focus of Child and Youth Media Protection", at which Dr. Anna Felnhofer gave a workshop on the topic of "Immersive Gaming Worlds. Is virtual reality changing child and youth media protection?".

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