Web seminar: "Me, my photos and the net - individuality, identity and sexuality in the digital space".

Web seminar


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Target Group: Educators


On August 27, 2020, the web seminar "Me, my photos and the web - individuality, identity and sexuality in the digital space" took place together with the Medienscouts NRW of the Essen Borbeck Comprehensive School.

What was the web seminar about?

Posting photos and videos on the web has become part of everyday life for many young people and also for adults. Especially in social networks like WhatsApp, Instagram or TikTok , photos and videos are shared online and thus visible to a more or less broad public. Many people are interested in what others think about them and hope for positive feedback on the published content. Despite the many possibilities offered by the Internet, users must keep certain things in mind when sharing photos online. Under the motto "think before you (re)post!" ("Think before you post or share!"), it is important to consider data protection, image rights and privacy, among other things. 

The web seminar provides insights into the practice of the NRW media scouts and shows how the peer-to-peer work can deal with the topics sexting, digital abuse and one's own presentation on the Internet in the area of tension between privacy and partial publics. Suitable klicksafe materials are also presented on the topics.

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