Our rules for the class chat



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Published by: klicksafe together with Handysektor

Target Groups: Educators Teenagers

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The class chat group is used by students for exchanges that usually go beyond school-related topics. A lack of netiquette and a lack of time or topic limits in class chat groups often lead to problems such as cyberbullying or excessive demands. It becomes particularly problematic when pornographic or extremist content is shared in class chat. To prevent these problems, rules for the class chat can be defined together with the students at the beginning of the school year. It is not only necessary to regulate which content belongs in the chat, but also who is responsible for compliance with the rules and possible sanctions. klicksafe offers the teaching unit "Rules for the class chat" in cooperation with Handysektor. In line with the lesson, classes can record and sign the rules they have worked out in the poster "Our rules for class chat".

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