What to do in case of (cyber)bullying?

Material for pedagogical practice

DIN A4 248 Pages

Revised Edition:

Published by: klicksafe together with CONFLICT CULTURE

Target Group: Educators

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Bullying is an extreme form of aggressive behavior. It often manifests itself in the coexistence between people when basic needs are violated. If it is possible to talk about this seriously, aggression can be used constructively. In the case of bullying, however, individuals are systematically excluded in the long term. The expansion of communication into the digital space has significantly exacerbated the explosive nature of bullying. This handbook is intended to help teachers act professionally in cases of cyberbullying.

In addition to basic information, ten practical projects provide teachers with suggestions on how to deal with the topic of cyberbullying in the classroom. In addition, four case histories show examples of what systemic conflict management can look like in school practice.

Practice Project 1 Videos

Material for practice project 2

Childnet spot "Let's fight it together"
"Let's fight it together" is an award-winning film produced by Childnet for the Department for Children, Schools and Families in the UK. It aims to help raise awareness among young people about the slights that can be caused by cyberbullying.

The film is available with German subtitles on the Childnet website. You can watch the film there, but it is not available for download. To turn on German subtitles, start the video and then click the "CC" icon (the fourth icon from the right) in the menu at the bottom of the video. At the very bottom of the list of languages you will find the "German" option.

Chapter 4 (Working documents)

Systemic Conflict Management
This package contains forms for correctly dealing with all parties involved in the conflict. 
Download (Winzip file)

Practice Project 4 Video

Further Materials of this Series